Top 7 Paint And Sip Studio In Melbourne

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Paint and sip have taken over as a style of having fun creatively. Paint and sip is an event that combines the creation of artwork with a glass of wine or other beverages. It is the new trend that is taking the world by storm. A paint and sip might be the thing for your next party or corporate event. Click here to learn more about Paint and Sip in Melbourne.

Are you based in Melbourne? And you are wondering why you need a paint and sip party. A paint and sip combine the fun and relaxation of a party with the challenge of a class. A professional artist often guides it. Below here are the reasons why you need paint and sip class:

  • Paint and sip is like yoga, without the sweat
  • Paint and sip helps to boost creativity
  • At paint and sip, you meet new people
  • No experience is required
  • You are free to come along with what you want to drink or eat
  • Paint and sip is a party time
  • Paint and sip is super fun
  • Paint and sip in relieves stress on the mind

Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about. Although there are many paint and sip studios in Melbourne, we’ve made an extra effort to pick out the best paint and sip studios in Melbourne that will treat you right. Are you looking forward to increasing your level of creativity? Do you want to build confidence in yourself? These paint and sip studios in Melbourne are the best among the rest. They will take you through the artwork without you being bored. Trust me, and you will enjoy their service. 

Below here are the top 7 paint and sip studio in Melbourne:

  1. Let’s roll space coast
  2. Board and Brush
  3. The winey wench
  4. Art more place
  5. Painting with a twist
  6. Little latitudes
  7. Uncorked at the palette

Are you ready for the ride? Let’s go!

  • Let’s roll space coast

They are excited to bring fun and creativity to Melbourne. It is a family-owned company that focuses on making a positive impact on connecting people to have fun. It is a paint and sip company that is based in Melbourne. Their goal is to satisfy their client’s needs with a focus on safety and fun. Let’s roll space coast has a unique way of connecting and organizing paint and sip sessions in Melbourne. They have been in this game for five years. They are professional in leading people to create lovely artwork without any stress. At Let’s roll space coast, you can come along with your wine or any other beverages that suit your body.

  • Board and Brush

Board and Brush will educate you on understanding the beauty of raw materials. This paint and sip brand in Melbourne believes that experience is not needed. They only want you to come with your creativity and personality and leave the rest to them. Board and Brush will provide the education, the materials, and the fun. They have a lot of professionals that will guide you through the step-by-step process of artwork with fun. They are based in Melbourne. 

  • The winey wench 

Do you want to have a drink with friends and you want to enjoy a night of painting and learning? The winey wench studio allows you to create personalized artwork while having a drink and socializing with friends, family, and new people in a fun and energetic atmosphere. They are one of the well-known paint and sip studios in Melbourne. The Winey Wench is a fun cafĂ©-style art instruction class with different painters with different styles. 

  • Art more place

Art more place is a paint and sip studio that is based in Melbourne. This paint and sip studio in Melbourne delivers high-quality artwork learning tips that will help in increasing clients’ level of creativity with fun. It’s a place of learning and enjoyment. At art more place, you will learn how to engage in paintings of different styles and patterns with a glass of wine or other beverages. Book an event with them, and you’ll be glad to know them.

  • Painting with a twist

Just as their name implies, this studio will take you through a learning process in artwork with a twist that you will never forget. They offer a unique and memorable experience. At painting with a twist, there is a unique way of balancing and uniting fun and learning at the same pace. They don’t focus on one more than the other. Painting with a twist allows guests to come in and enjoy creating a work of art with the help of their staff. In their classes, you will use materials like acrylic paints, a paintbrush, and 16 by 20 inches of the canvas. Hence, at painting with a twist, the process of learning the artwork begins with you, and it ends with you. It is absolutely a practical session. They are one of the leading paint and sip studios in Melbourne.

  • Little latitudes

Little latitude is also one of the best paint and sip studio in Melbourne. They focus on bringing people from different regions of Australia to learn beautiful artwork with a glass of wine and other beverages. At little latitudes, you will learn how to represent matters and scenarios around you in the artwork. They have competent artist that will guide you by explaining what to do to you. This paint and sip studio in Melbourne encourages conversation and laughter during artwork rather than a heavy focus.

  • Uncorked at the palette

This paint and sip studio in Melbourne specializes in painting parties for special occasions. You can book an appointment with them to help you organize a painting party on your birthday and other special days that you intend to have fun. They are based in Melbourne, Australia. Uncorked at the palette will bring everything from the easel, paint, and brushes to the canvases. Moreover, you can schedule your private painting party with them any day of the week. It depends on your availability.


There’s no point in looking else well to be creative in a relaxed setting. We highlighted the seven best paint and sip studios in Melbourne that will take you through those extraordinary moments you desire.