Top 10 Secrets To Becoming A Successful Hairdresser In Paddington

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Do you know that hairdressing can be a profitable career for you in Paddington? Absolutely yes! Starting a hair salon in the west end of London is highly lucrative. However, it comes with a high failure rate if you are ignorant of the success secrets.

In most of my conversations with new starters, they are always concerned about pushing up their hair salons to rank among the most successful ones. They tend to find it somewhat challenging to navigate their way through to success.

Of course, Paddington hosts several top-rated hair salons, which is why Paddington hairdressers battle for survival to win more customers to their side.

Meanwhile, success is not something that comes easily. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to become a successful hairdresser. If you think you only have to set up your hair salon in a marketable position, sit down, folding your hands, and expect success to come galloping in the next horizon, you are getting it wrong.  visit to learn about Tips On Creating Awareness For Your Hair Salon In Paddington.

As a seasoned hairdresser who has built a large customer base over the years, I felt obliged to share with you the top 10 secrets to becoming a successful hairdresser in a highly competitive area like Paddington. 

I combined the below secrets from my vast experience and professional recommendations of several hairdressers I know personally in Paddington. Let’s unveil the secrets!

1. Establish a strong business foundations

Before you can think of becoming a successful hairdresser, you must first build a solid foundation for your hair salon business. If you are genuinely striving for greatness, there’s a need for you instead to sit down and ask yourself why you aim for it in the first place. Don’t get carried away struggling to attain a certain height without knowing the purpose of the toil. 

It’s best if you get the foundation right before going dream chasing. Know what you truly desire and what doesn’t need to occupy your mind. Paint a clearer picture of your vision and strategize how best you can achieve it. That way, you are already on your way to success.

2. Sharpen your skills

Whether you believe it or not, the quality of the service you offer will speak for you. Your skills play a vital role in becoming successful as a hairdresser. Check the works of those celebrity stylists you see around; you will admire the works of their hands. 

I have never known a successful hairdresser without proper training. Enroll for formal education in any reputable training institute to apply for cosmetology courses or any other formal training related to hairdressing. It will make a lot of difference in your career.  

You need to get solid technical skills to back your theoretical knowledge to improve your profile and stand out from the crowd. Having the proper professional training will also enable you to learn more about the business and understand customers’ behavior.  click here to learn more about sharpen your skills.

3. Follow trends

One of the best secrets to becoming a successful hairdresser in Paddington is to get yourself out of the box. There’s a need for you to keep up with trends. New hairstyles evolve every day. Any hairdresser who does not follow the industry’s trends will be missing out. 

Stay updated to know about the new hairstyles trending. Customers wouldn’t like to patronize a hairdresser who cannot make new styles. For instance, women now prefer to go with their natural hair instead of adding attachments. A brilliant hairdresser will get to learn the ins and outs of the new ‘natural hair’ trends to blend along with customers’ trendy requests.

4. Get a wide selection of hairdressing tools

Different hairstyles require different hair tools. If you want to stay on top of your game, it’s a great idea to get various hair tools. When customers find out that you don’t have the required tools to give them what they want precisely, they will leave without turning back. 

Meanwhile, bad reviews from customers are dangerous for your image as a hairdresser. If you want them always to keep coming, get all the necessary tools ready to deliver a wide variety of hairstyles. 

5. Be attentive to your clients

One of the top secrets of successful hairdressers is the ability to listen to their clients attentively. It is on that platform that you build strong customer loyalty. Everybody wants to go back to a salon that delivers according to prescription. 

So, when your customers sit down in your chairs, allow them to describe the hairstyle they want. Also, make sure that you listen well to get a clearer picture before proceeding to do the work.

Take note always to ask your customers what you can do for them and when you ask, listen attentively to get their actual requests.

6. Dare to try something new

Every successful business owner has tried something odd that might have either resulted in success or failure. It feels good if your trials bring excellent results, but how will you gain experience if you have not failed. 

If you want to step up the success ladder, dare to try something new. It will help you discover the path that others have not walked before. You will agree that nothing showcases you to the world faster than doing something no one has ever done. 

What makes most hairdressers run from this idea is the fear of making mistakes. At the same time, mistakes are there to make you better and increase your experience. Dare to do something different and learn from your mistakes. 

7. Attend events

No man is an island of knowledge. No matter how much you know, there’s somebody else out there who knows better. 

Showing up in hair events will add to your hairdressing career beyond measure. That’s one of the most innovative ways to learn about the latest hairstyles in the beauty and fashion world. The hairdressing industry is very dynamic. There are several methods to do the same hairstyles, and the best place to learn other techniques is by attending several hair events. 


If you work hard towards achieving the above-listed secrets, success is only around the corner. Although, it is not that simple. But, the results worth the grind and gristle. Standing tall among other hairdressers in Paddington will cost you hard work. You can become a successful hairdresser if you are ready to fight your way to the top.

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