How To Teach Paint And Sip Classes Effectively In Melbourne

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This article is specially created for paint and sip instructors. It will be helpful for people who have an idea of artwork and are willing to become paint and sip instructors in Melbourne. However, as a would-be paint and sip instructor, you need to pay rapt attention to this article. We will be taking you through series of tips to guide your steps in becoming a paint and sip instructor in Melbourne.

Also, we don’t want you to look down on yourself. We understand the fact that there is experienced paint and sip instructors in Melbourne. Trust me, they all started from somewhere. Therefore, you only need to follow us closely as we will dish out those tips that will make you stand out among others. That’s for the would-be instructor.

Are you a paint and sip instructor in Melbourne? Do you want to make a difference in the paint and sip industry? This article will guide you through it as well. The concept of paint and sip is quite different from other ways of having fun. As an instructor, you must learn how to match creativity and fun together to achieve a purpose.

People want to have fun and boost their level of creativity by presenting the result of visiting a paint and sip studio. Therefore, below here are the tips to help you in carrying out successful paint and sip classes in Melbourne:

Step 1

Know what you want to teach: Standing in front of people to lead them in artwork goes beyond using an idea. There’s a saying that “you can’t give what you don’t have.” Therefore, we will advise you to learn how to bring your painting ideas into reality. There are countless paint and sip instructors in Melbourne that have flopped based on this fact. Of course, they have an idea, but they fail to learn other skills that will make their teachings to be more effective. However, we are saying this to let you know that what will keep you moving in this career is beyond an idea. You can search for information online on how to reach professional paint and sip instructors that will put you through. 

Step 2

Paint it yourself in a step-by-step process: After gathering knowledge about how to paint and sip works, then you need to do the painting by yourself. The reason behind this is for you to take note of the step-by-step process so that you will be able to pass it across to your students. Take note of the color you are using in stages of painting, also take note of the sizes of the paintbrush for each stage. Therefore, you can put them into writings. 

Step 3

Teach your audience how to do the painting and not become an artist: This may sound funny. There is much paint and sip instructor in Melbourne with this mistake. Their class will always end been bored. Teaching your audience how to paint is quite different from teaching them how to become an artist. You should understand the fact that your audience is sitting to have fun just in a fun way. Therefore, do not load them with tips on becoming an artist, but guide them through the step-by-step process of the artwork.

Step 4

Arrive early to start the setup strategically: As an instructor, you have to arrive at the studio early before the commencement of the class. Your early arrival is to put some things in place and to do proper planning towards achieving a class that is full of fun. Ensure that the studio or the room is well-arranged in the best way possible for the experience. Check all supplies like the canvases, brushes, aprons, acrylic paints, wine, and other beverages, and so on. Therefore, ensure that all you need are already on the ground.

Step 5

Narrate what you want to do: Your student must be familiar with what they want to do. You don’t just start the teaching without carrying your students along. For instance, you want to use artwork to represent a story. 

It is expedient for you to let them know what they are about to do. I have seen much paint and sip instructors in Melbourne committing this error. All they do is stand in front of people and start guiding them. Although, at times you might want to do it as a surprise once in a while but not every time. 

Step 6

Let the class be interactive: One of the ways to have fun in a paint and sip class in Melbourne is to make the session an interactive one. Don’t forget that the class is student-centered, and you are not the one doing the painting actually; you are just there to guide the students. Anytime they feel like taking a break by sipping a glass of wine and talking to each other, you just have to allow them to do that. When teaching is interactive, the stress is reduced. Therefore, it is expedient for you to allow your students to contribute and ask a question.

Step 7

Be friendly: If you want to maintain your students, you need to be friendly with them. Feel free to attend to every question. You can also make use of positive reinforcement in your teaching process. Therefore, relate with your student as a friend to build a long-lasting relationship with them. They can’t have fun if you don’t take them as your friend.

Finally, you can boldly organize a paint and sip party effectively if you follow these above-listed steps. We’ve highlighted seven steps for you to follow in carrying out successful paint and sip classes in Melbourne. Therefore, as a would-be paint and sip instructor, you can start by organizing a paint and sip party with your friends. Tell them to drop a review about your service.